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Neighbourhood Midwives was inspired by the births of our three sons. The exceptional one to one care, provided in the home, by a skilled and gifted midwife, was something we wanted to provide as an option for more women and families throughout both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We connect midwives with Irish families to provide excellent antenatal and postnatal care, in their home or workplace, before and after hospital birth. All our midwives are fully indemnified, registered members of NMBI, the Irish nursing and midwifery regulatory body, and NMC, the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

One to one midwifery care is recognised as the gold standard of maternity care. We promote non-intervention birth and the highest level of postnatal care and antenatal support possible. Our values are based on the International Confederation of Midwives’ Philosophy and Model of Care. Our midwives combine the best aspects of hospital care with the time honoured tradition of home-based midwifery.
Our company provides exceptional evidence based care which reduces the cost of the public health care service. Our model can be replicated in all areas, allowing for positive change to take place in the way maternity services are provided worldwide.

Our Aims

  • To offer choice to families seeking best practice maternity care.
  • To promote active, non intervention birth.
  • To listen to and respect birthing preferences.
  • To employ best evidence based practices to support mothers and babies.
  • To provide continuity of care through pregnancy, birth and beyond

Our Work

Home based midwifery
Birth Preparation Workshops
Post Natal Home Support
Hospital based birth partnering


Dan Oakes

Founder, Managing Director, Registered Midwife

Originally from Alaska, Dan moved to his father’s hometown of Dundalk with his wife Heather. It was here that the births of their three sons at home, inspired him to become Ireland’s first direct entry Registered Male Midwife, offering an alternative to standard hospital based maternity care in Ireland.



Heather Beckett Oakes


Having experienced firsthand how beautifully a dedicated and highly skilled midwife can facilitate birth at home, Palo Alto native, Heather has become an active and well known advocate for reproductive freedom and choice in Ireland.



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